"I was in a bad spot thinking I had to work around this pain for the rest of my life. You showed me and taught me that I don't have to".

A Marine Corps Veteran, former Texas Football player and years of his youth working on a farm slinging bails of hay, Dave has had significant spinal injuries and body pain over his lifetime.    Dave has gained new hope and insight surrounding healing and recovery with tremendous reduction of pain and  inflammation since receiving massage and bodywork at Earth Spa Organics & Wellness.


"I cant say enough good things. When I get off your massage table I know the joy to come. I'm now able to shower without sitting, get out of bed without pain and not waking up every time I roll over in  my sleep. It's been the first time I haven't felt back pain since I can remember".

Dave Baker, Exeter NH

Testimonials from some of my Clients

Gemstone & Infrared Mat Therapy

Located within Project Walk Boston at the right end of the Staples plaza

The one & only

Hours of Operation

Monday; 10am - 6pm

Tuesday; 9am - 7pm

Wednesday; 9am - 2:30pm

Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday; 9am - 7pm

Saturday; 10am - 2pm

Injury Recovery, Injury Prevention, Stress Management & Relaxation Specialists

Shirl Ross L.M.T.


Carol Boire L.M.T.

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